FISH 110 Fish & Fisheries in a Changing World


This course is an exploration of the patterns of fish diversity, the ecological and evolutionary processes that give rise to that diversity, and the resilience and sustainability that result. The topics that we will cover are intended to act as foundational principles that fisheries resource professionals will use throughout their careers. Together we will examine the complexity of what constitutes a ‘fishery’ and better understand the factors that have led some fisheries to collapse and others to persist. In addition to lectures, students will read, discuss, and write extensively and by doing so, can expect to gain better understanding of the “science of sustainability” with regards to 21st century fisheries in Alaska and beyond.

FISH 210/310 Salmon & Society


An exploration of the connections between salmon and human society. After learning about the five major factors (5 Hs) that are associated with the decline of salmon throughout their historical range, we will learn about areas of conflict and consensus between salmon and people. Students should expect to read, discuss, and write extensively throughout the course and by doing so become informed and empowered to confront the challenges facing salmon and salmon-dependent people in the 21st century. Recommended for degree-seeking students. Stacked with FISH F210 (available online).

FISH 425/650 Fish Ecology

This course is an exploration of how fish interact with, and adapt to, their physical and biological environment, taught through the viewpoint that habitat diversity acts as a template for biological diversity within and among species. We will examine the ecology of major freshwater and marine habitats (with an emphasis on the former), as well as the potential threats to these habitats from human activity.













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